When it comes to collector installations, both Solar Thermal and Solar PV utilise the same mounting arrangements for convenience - one size fits all.

When choosing a system there are a number of factors to consider, one of these is roof inclination and direction. Almost any roof type is suitable, however a south facing arrangement could gain 100% of the light available during the day. If the roof was to face South-East or South- West there will be a reduction in yield by 5-10%.

Positioning - Collectors can be positioned on the roof either in a portrait or landscape arrangement, as shown below.

Solar Layout


Solar collectors/modules can be quickly and easily located above the roof tiles or slates using brackets and a mounting rail attached directly to the roof trusses. This system is available with fixing brackets suitable for all roof tile types including slates, on roof pitches ranging from 20° to 60°. The on-roof mounting system is supplied as standard with any Solar Kit.

Solar On-Roof Layout


Installation of Solar collectors/modules set into the roof tiles or slates ensures a low-profile appearance. The roof surface beneath is closed within an aluminium weathering cassette incorporating flashings, drainage channels, etc. In new build applications this mounting option reduces roofing costs, as tiles are not required beneath the installation. (Note: for a roof tiled with reclaimed slate, the flashing may appear uneven.

Solar In-Roof Layout


The flat-roof system is based upon the on-roof design. The mounting rails are fitted to a rigid inclined frame structure. This method allows the collectors to be positioned quickly and easily on a flat roof.

Solar Flat-Roof Layout