Solar PV utilises free energy from the sun to generate electricity. It relies on daylight to generate power through the use of photovoltaic cells within roof-mounted modules.

The modules are simple to install, as they fix to a roof in the same way as Solar Thermal Panels in an on-roof, in-roof and flat roof arrangement, both landscape and portrait.

The electricity produced by solar PV can be used to drive any appliance that is powered by electricity. An inverter (usually situated in the loft) converts the DC current into usable AC current that can be used as power. A 1.80kW Solar PV System (10 x 180W modules) should produce around 1,693kWh of electricity per annum (this figure may vary, depending on location). To put this into perspective, the average household usage is 9-10kWh per day.

Solar PV Energy

Typical Energy Usage

Everyone consumes energy, but sometimes it is hard to know just how much power is really being used. A good way to understand is to look at kilowatts in a different way, like everyday human activities.

A kWh of electricity means:

  • 1200 electric shaves
  • Drying your hair 15 times
  • Using a small refrigerator for 24 hours
  • Microwaving 20 meals
  • 4 evenings of light with 60W incandescent lamps

Also, keep in mind that for each kWh produced with fossil fuel, about 1.5lb (0.68kg) of CO2 is released into the atmosphere and that the average person uses around 600-800 kWh of energy every month.

How 'green' is Solar PV?

Solar power is a renewable energy source that does not require the burning of fossil fuels and does not leave a carbon footprint as it generates no carbon dioxide. It makes no noise, emits no pollutants, creates no waste and uses no fuel, thus meaning it is a very green energy supply.

Electricity requirements vary depending on the size of your house and how energy-efficient the building and appliances are. With a Solar PV system you will be able to reduce electricity bills because the system will supply some or all of your power rather than mains electricity. If Solar PV is connected through a grid system, it will automatically take electricity from the national grid at times of low generation, for example at night. There is no need to manually switch the system,this will be done instantly.